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Madhab Choudhury College,Barpeta

Courses and Programmes:

Sl. No. Name of the Course(s) and Duration Affiliation Period of Validity for the year(s)
Permanent Temporary
1 T.D.C. (Arts) General Course (3 years)
English, MIL-Assamese, Elective Assamese, Economics, Political Science, History, Education, Philosophy and Mathematics.
Permanent 2022-23
2 T.D.C. (Arts) Major Course (3 years)
English, Assamese, Economics, Political Science, Anthropology and Mathematics.
Permanent 2022-23
3 T.D.C. (Science) General Course (3 years)
English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Anthropology, Zoology and Geography.
Permanent 2022-23
4 T.D.C. (Science) Major Course (3 years)
Physics, Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics and Zoology
Permanent 2022-23
5 T.D.C. (Arts) Major Course (3 years)
Philosophy, Geography and History.
Temporary 2022-23
6 T.D.C. (Science) General Course (3 years)
Computer Science
Temporary 2022-23
7 Professional Course (3 years)
Temporary 2022-23
8 P.G. Course (2 years)
Assamese and Botany
Temporary 2022-23
9 Diploma Course
Temporary 2022-23

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