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M C College runs Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) at the undergraduate level. BA/BSc with Honours and BA/BSc Regular (without Honours) programmes in the CBCS have courses spread across six-semesters. A typical semester comprises a minimum of 15 to 18 weeks of academic work that will translate into 90 actual teaching days. Two consecutive (one odd and one even) semesters make up an academic year. An undergraduate programme (BA/BSc) consists of six semesters covering three calendar Years.

Duration of the Odd Semesters (First, Third and Fifth)
June to November

Duration of the Even Semesters (Second, Fourth and Sixth)
December to May

  1. Each student must take admission in three consecutive Academic Sessions starting with the first semester. Students who do not enrol in the Second Academic Session will not be eligible to take admission in the Third Academic Session.

  2. The minimum time requirement to acquire a BA/BSc degree is three years. The maximum time allowed to complete the programme is six years.

  3. A student willing to admit in a BA/BSc programme will have to study different types of courses as per the undergraduate CBCS regulations of Gauhati University.

  4. The contents of the courses are described in detail in the syllabi. Every course comprises lectures, tutorials, laboratory work, field work, project work or any other activity that addresses the learning objectives of the course.

  5. Each course credits, assigned on the basis of course related activities, which a student will have to earn through satisfactory fulfilment of the academic requirement of the course.

  6. A student in a BA/BSc with Honours programme will have to earn 148 credits while a student in a BA/BSc Regular (without Honours) programme will require to earn 132 course credits. Students in an Honours programme can opt to earn additional credits by undertaking additional elective courses subject to the condition that the total number of course credits does not exceed 160 credits. For a student in a regular program, this credit ceiling will be 140 credits. The credits earned beyond the mandatory program requirement will not be taken into consideration in computation of the grade but will be recorded in the grade sheet.

  7. For the purpose of computation of work-load the following mechanism is adopted:
    1 Credit = 1 Theory period of one hour duration
    1 Credit = 1 Tutorial period of one hour duration
    1 Credit = 1 Practical period of two-hour duration

Requirements for an undergraduate degree

A student has to complete a stipulated minimum number of courses/papers for successful completion of under-graduate degree (BA/BSc) under Gauhati University as tabulated below:

BA with Honours
BSc with Honours
(All disciplines)
  • 14 core papers in the subject chosen as Honours
  • 2 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC)
  • 2 Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) (minimum)
  • 4 Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) courses
  • 4 Generic Elective (GE) papers
BSc Regular
  • 4 core papers (DSC) each in three subjects of choice
  • 2 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC)
  • 4 Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) (minimum)
  • 2 papers each from a list of Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) papers based on three disciplines of choice selected above, respectively.
BA Regular
  • 4 core papers each in two subjects of choice
  • 2 core papers each in English and MIL/Alt English respectively.
  • 2 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses
  • 4 Skill Enhancement Courses (minimum)
  • 2 papers each from a list of Discipline Specific Elective papers based on the two subjects selected above
  • 2 papers from the list of Generic Electives papers.

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